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Chemical properties of Propiophenone

Product name:  propiophenone

Chemical formula of propiophenone:  C9H10O


1-phenylopropan-1-one, Ethyl phenyl ketone, Propionylbenzene

What is the chemical compound of propiophenone?

It is an acrylic ketone. It is a liquid with a strong floral scent. It is a colorless to slightly yellow compound. Insoluble in water. Mixes with methanol, benzene, toluene, ethylene, propylene glycol. Forms explosive mixtures with air on intense heating.

Boiling point   218 ℃

Flash-point   99 ℃

Melting temperature   17-19 ℃


Keep away from sources of heat, ignition, sparks, fire. Store at a temperature not exceeding 30 ℃. Keep in a closed room, away from children.


Forms explosive mixtures with air on intense heating. Use eye and respiratory protection. Do not let product enter drains.

Application of propiophenone

It is used in the production of pharmaceutical and organic compounds. Used for the preparation of neurochemical compounds, e.g. ephedrine. Thanks to its strong fragrance, it is added to perfumes and cosmetics. It is used as an intermediate in the production of other chemical compounds, e.g. arylalkenes. For the manufacture of hypnotics and anxiolytics.



  • in the production of hypnotics and anxiolytics
  • as an intermediate for the production of ephedrine
  • is part of the perfume as a fragrance

Effect on the body

Irritating to eyes and skin.

First aid

After contact with skin, wash off under a shower if severe irritation occurs. Take off contaminated clothing. In case of inhalation and if you feel unwell, take the sufferer to fresh air. After contact with eyes, rinse eyes with plenty of water. Remove contact lenses and continue rinsing. If swallowed, give plenty of water to drink. In case of malaise, consult a doctor.

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