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When placing an order, the Buyer declares that he has read the product safety data sheet and knows how to handle the substance and is aware of the resulting risks.

SDS PL(POLISH): https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/170jad0zBB4nh0T9_xo5B-JEVkZjHeaTO?usp=sharing

SDS ENG(ENGLISH): https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1JT-tDYAzxa5U3Cx7ToHyp3Rin_ga2XE3?usp=sharing

Chemical properties of 2-bromo-3-chloropropiophenone
Product name: 2-bromo-3-chloropropiophenone
Chemical formula of 2-bromo-3-chloropropiophenone: C 9H 8BrClO
Other chemical names:
2-Bromo-3'-chloropropiophenone, 2-bromo-1-(3-chlorophenyl)propan-1-one, 
2-Bromo-1-(3-chlorophenyl)-1-propanone, bromo-3'-chloropropiophenone,
m-chloro-alpha-bromopropiophenone, 3'-chloro-2-bromo-propiophenone
What is the chemical compound of 2-bromo-3-chloropropiophenone? 
Colourless liquid. May be slightly yellow in colour. Oily consistency.
Boiling point 148 ℃
Molecular balance 247,59 
Store in a refrigerator at a cool temperature of 2-8 ℃. Store under nitrogen.
Application of 2-bromo-3-chloropropiophenone
As an ingredient for the production of pharmacological substances. Substance used as an intermediate for raw materials and intermediates used in organic synthesis in agrochemical, pharmaceutical products. Also used in the production of dyes.
Effects on the body
Irritating to skin, eyes and respiratory tract. May cause an allergic skin reaction and respiratory irritation.
First aid
Rinse mouth thoroughly after swallowing. After contact with skin, wash with plenty of water. Remove contaminated clothing. After contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly. Call a doctor if you feel unwell.
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